A Memorable Blooper in Dubai Dhow Cruise One Valentines Day

One stupid blooper lead into an ideal, fun-filled, romantic relationship.

I consulted a friend about buying the perfect engagement ring. After finding it at Dubai Gold Souk, I wanted to thank my friend, when accidentally I sent the "thank you for your advice on a good engagement ring" SMS to my fiance. I had no idea I did. I was just thinking of her all that time.

I met her that night. She asked me where I've been, and why I was not answering her calls. Alibi, I said I had a meeting with a client. She was showing a big grin on her face.  Next thing, she showed me the SMS I wrongfully sent. To my shock and disbelief, I almost fainted and fell down! My goodness! I wanted to scream! I just ruined the biggest surprise I was planning for.  I spoiled my wedding proposal!

It could be one of the funniest proposal in the world I bet. On that Valentines Night Dhow Cruise dinner, she's makulit teasing me to show her the "surprise" ring right on. It was comical. Gone was the surprise element. I didn't show the ring until we're about to finish our food. I was laughing when I asked her if she (still) want to marry me, despite stupidly denying her a surprise engagement proposal. Calmed, she's quiet. She looked at me, and she laughed so loud! I am stupid I know - but she appreciated the thoughtfulness. AND SHE SAID YES! It was a perfect imperfection - still worth celebrating a plan that (almost) went wrong. She's for me.

On the morning of Valentines, I went to the nearest flower shop, got the prettiest bouquet and I asked for as much of those fallen petals on the shop. I sneaked in her room while she's away, scattered all the petals on the floor; placed the bouquet on her bed and left a small thought, "You redefined my life. Nothing more I could ask for. I love you." I turned off the light and hide.

All she thought I'm done with my spoiled surprise. But when she entered the room, she cried and hugged me tight. She told me, "You're so sweet, now you got me by surprise!" I guess I made up from the wrong-sent SMS!

Ever since that day, our life has been filled with humor. It's been fun. We always cheer up each other. And we're doing it consistently. We're on our 4th year now and my wife is pregnant with our first-born.

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