How to Get a Liquor / Alcohol License in MMI Dubai

Yes. You need a liquor license to "safely" buy beers, wines, spirits and any alcohol from MMI - an authorized distributor in Dubai. As an Islamic country, UAE observes Sharia law which prohibits the buyinh and selling and consumption of alcohol.  But, being an 'open-country', since a huge ratio of UAE expats are non-Muslims, they implemented some policies to regulate it. You have to be in the following terms and conditions to become eligible:
  • You must be non-Muslim 
  • You must be over 21 years old
  • You must earn in excess of AED 3,000 per month
  • You must be a resident of Dubai and if your visa is stamped in another Emirate other than Dubai or if you are employed by a company in any of Dubai Free Zones you will require a NOC
  • If you are self employed you will need to provide a copy of your Trade Licence.
Here's how to apply for a new liquor license:
  1. Collect an application form from any MMI outlets (see below)
  2. Complete the application form and get it stamped and signed by your employer
  3. Attach copies of:
    • Passport, residence visa and passport photo (for you and your spouse)
    • Tenancy contract or NOC from your landlord
    • Labour contract (issued by Ministry of Labour OR Salary Certificate if you work on a Free Zone (issued by the Free Zone authority)
  4. Visit MMI to submit your application form and documents together with AED 160 municipality fee.
You will be contacted the moment your license is ready.

For license renewal, complete the application form and get it stamped and signed by your employer then submit this with a copy of your Tenancy Contract.  If your employer and visa hasn’t changed no other documents will be required.

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There are incentives and rewards along with liquor license applications in MMI, check it out.

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