5 Videos of Some Horrible Sandstorms in the Middle East

Wiki: Dust or sand storms arise when a gust front or other strong wind blows loose sand and dirt from a dry surface. Particles are transported by saltation and suspension, causing soil to move from one place and deposition in another.

As the force of wind passing over loosely held particles increases, particles of sand first start to vibrate, then to saltate ("leap"). As they repeatedly strike the ground, they loosen and break off smaller particles of dust which then begin to travel in suspension. At wind speeds above that which causes the smallest to suspend, there will be a population of dust grains moving by a range of mechanisms: suspension, saltation and creep.

Here are 5 Horrible Sandstorms in some Middle East Countries:

1. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

2. Syria

3. Kuwait

4. Al Asad, Iraq

5. Dubai, UAE

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