The misuse and abuse of 'Proud to be Pinoy'

The Misuse of Pride
I bet it's not only me who's sick and tired and tired and sick of the widespread misuse and abuse of the"Proud to be Pinoy" comment.

Youtube, Facebook and Twitter are the popular playgrounds where some belt out this "pride." In fact, we can be the world's proudest netizens in social media today in the way we flood the comments sections. Charice, Arnel Pineda, Apl De Ap and Manny Pacquiao are the 'suki' of the infamous "Proud to be Pinoy" comments - whatever 'Pinoy' we see in the international media, there is this pattern.

But something's really really wrong. Posters may have the right intentions, but most of the "Proud to be Pinoy" comments were really out-of-place, out-of-context and just about taking the ride, and bragging without rights.

Others take that as 'Nakikisakay na lang tayo sa kasikatan ng ating kababayan.'  It could just be a case of improper articulation or phonetics, but other nationalities find it offensive, so immature and irrelevant in fact.  It pisses them off whenever they see threads of "Proud to be Pinoy" comments... and it ignites an unnecessary racial battle. And why not? It's about the talent, and not about being Pinoy. "Manhid?"

In Tagalog, "Pinagmamalaki kong Pinoy ako dahil kay Manny, Charice etc..." Meh!

I understand we love to associate, we love to relate to any degree in fact. For every Filipino (pure or half, 1/4 or 1/8) who does great things and is globally recognized, we claim it, we're part of it. We take pride. We even trace the path to prove one's Filipino roots - whatever it takes. A trophy of one is a trophy of the nation.  That's just right and so natural, but that could really go wrong too. We are "proud of our kabayan".  Why don't we simply say, "I'm proud of you Charice" or whoever, or "Great Job!".

If Manny Pacquiao says "proud to be Pinoy," that's perfect.  He is simply proud of what he can do being a Filipino. When Bruno Mars say he's proud to be a Filipino, it sounds right. When Nicole Scherzinger says she's proud of being Pinay, it sounds so sweet too.  Apl d Ap continues to write Tagalog in every Black Eyed Peas album and he consistently say he's proud to be Pinoy. Right again. They have the bragging rights!
But us? The credit isn't ours.  Let's rather express appreciation. "We're proud of you!" sounds way better.

Why are we so trigger-happy to comment "Proud to be Pinoy?
Maybe, being in a low to mid-class in the world, or being in a third-world country invites it. We have this mindset that the world looks at us as underdogs, thus whenever a Filipino becomes a world-class fame, we're jumping into the ride. We want to prove something.  We want to change the impression of other nation about us. And so we shout "Proud to be Pinoy" when one Filipino shines bright.

Sadly, this shows we're hungry of recognition attention.  We want to tell the world that we've also got what it takes to be on top.  Especially there's not much of Filipinos who are 'big' in the world.  So everyone's a watchdog of who'll make it big next... and will be proud of themselves again being a Filipino.

Media also play a big role in the demise of the real essence of Pinoy pride. Success, achievements, dreams have been bordered within the entertainment world only (well, majority).  Media oftentimes leaves a mark that whatever the pop Westerners does, Pinoys can do as well - and that's not one good yardstick to live by.

"Wohooo! Proud to be Pinoy!" - so what are you proud of? Proud of another's success is really okay, but is illogical and maligned. You should be proud because, you, being a Pinoy has great accomplishments. In the first place, nobody should be proud of himself, Pinoy or not, if he hasn't done anything.

Instead of "Proud..." Say Mabuhay
We seem to forget what Filipinos shout whenever we win battles, whenever we're rejoicing. We shout and chant "Mabuhay!" for our triumphant compatriot. Mabuhay is our signature greeting, chant and battle cry. I know where this "Proud to be Pinoy" is coming from - we're proud of what we have, we're happy because our kababayan is a winner, is popular, etc. Then, why not simply say, "I'm proud of you, Mabuhay ang Pinoy!"

Use "Proud to be Pinoy" in its true essence.  Have reasons to support the pride. Being wowed by world-class Pinoy talents is an immature reason of being proud of yourself. Having heard the Philippines or Filipino in an international media isn't always a reason to exclaim pride. Imagine this... No Charice, No Manny Pacquiao, No Apl D Ap, or whose ever auntie-of-the-father-of-the-uncle's-cousin is a Filipino. What will be your reasons... Why are you proud to be Pinoy?


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