Getting Husband-sponsor Visa in Just 1 hour

Last Thursday, I applied for my wife's visa under my sponsorship and surprised that I got it in just an hour. I went to a Typing Centre complete with all the documents required:
  1. Copies of our passports
  2. Copy of my visa
  3. Arabic Salary Certificate with company stamp (or copy of employment contract)
  4. Copy of marriage contract authenticated by UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  5. Copy of tenancy contract (on my name)
  6. 2 passport photos of my wife
We're the only customer in the typing centre so it just took about 10 minutes to finish the typing.  We went to Ministry of Naturalization and Residency at the dnata building in Deira (near Clock Tower / City Centre) - this Immigration Centre is not crowded at all compared to other Immigration offices in Dubai.

I paid a total of AED 1375 for the following:
  1. AED 250 (husband's visa fee)
  2. AED 500 (fee for an in-country issuance of visa)
  3. AED 600 (fee for change of status, in-country)
  4. AED25 (Immigration processing fee)
I opted to pay the in-country issuance of visa instead of having to exit the country - the fee is actually cheaper (or just the same) if you compare to a return air ticket. * If the wife is not yet in the UAE, the fees will be less.

After that, my wife needs to take the medical test (within 2 months) to complete the residency and get her passport stamped.

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  1. hi friend,
    thank you for yor kind really help me.
    its better if u can provide your no. of email adres so i can get ans of my some question
    thank you once more dude.

  2. regarding the tenancy there a need to provide dewa?

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  4. no deposit needed? is tenancy contract under your name really required? thanks!

  5. Is tenancy contract in Ras Al Khaimah acceptable?

  6. Is ATTESTATION from the Dubai Land Department needed for the Tenancy Contract? Thanks.

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  8. Hello may i asked po the Visa Stamping Step by Step procedure? Maraming salmat po

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  10. hi,
    what is the minimum salary to get a husband visa? tnx

  11. yeah do you know how much is the salary required to be legible?

  12. hi my dear I am interested to job in dubai please inform the details

  13. hello guys. i just want to know if its possible to sponsor my husband to get a visa.

  14. Certificate attestation are integral for visa immigration process. Attesting the certificates are really vital during relocating.

  15. hi goodpm, im from the philippines and working here in dubai just want to ask with regards to the authentiction of marriage contract, where can i authenticate it thanks for your help...

  16. If I visit UAE on long term visit visa while I am pregnant can the baby delivery be done in UAE?

  17. can please let me know what about if we have son also what are required docx need to attest

  18. cn u plz tell me aftr getting the red paper, how much time is given to dependant to fly to uae? is there an expiry date of red paper or what?? plz help