40 Reasons, Big and Small, to Love UAE

As we all join in celebrating the 40th National Day of UAE. Let me list down my 40 random reasons, big and small, to love the country:
  1. UAE bridges the gap between nations by being a venue for us, expats, to understand different cultures, traditions and beliefs
  2. UAE is still generally safe. I have a peace of mind whenever I roam in the country. There may be few cases of petty crimes but we hardly see them ourselves.
  3. UAE has balance of tourist attractions. Amazing futuristic cities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and unexpectedly great escapes in Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah and the rest of the Emirates
  4. UAE welcomes Christians, other religions and their church in the country. There are at least 10 Christian / Catholic church in the country. Unlike other Islamic countries, Christmas is allowed to be celebrated here.
  5. There are no political circus in the UAE. No one talks about it (at least in my circles)
  6. It is generally clean and orderly here
  7. The country holds at least 10 world-records and still aiming for some. Just shows us how dedicated the nation is in providing top-of-the-world-class attractions, architecture and amenities.
  8. We can wear our casual attires outdoors - although I hate it when some go over-board
  9. There are a lot of green parks within the city - a good place for picnic, sports and kids playground.
  10. UAE have clean, white sand beaches - great water sports as well.
  11. All households are air-conditioned.
  12. It's multicultural in the workplace. We discover a lot of things from our co-workers. We try to learn each other's languages too.
  13. People's level of passion about sports is ultimately high - especially football. There are world tournaments here as well like the Dubai Tennis Championship, Dubai World Cup, etc.
  14. Food is easier to buy - not that cheap, but more affordable against the monetary value.
  15. Apartment spaces are huge
  16. Public transportation are run by the government /semi-government alone; and now it is more orderly
  17. Shawarma stands are in every corner
  18. Desert safari and desert camping on pre-winter
  19. Amazing skydiving view on top of The Palm Jumeirah
  20. It has the only two 7-star hotels in the world - Burj Al Arab (Dubai) and Emirates Palace (Abu Dhabi)
  21. From time to time you can still encounter camels crossing on the road in front of you (near the deserts)
  22. There are loads of concerts of our favorite performers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai
  23. Iftar everywhere during Ramadan
  24. Dragonmart, Bur Dubai Creek, Karama and Satwa - places to find good bargains
  25. Big malls with great indoor parks and amusements like, Ski Dubai, Sega Republic, Kidzania, etc
  26. Stunning hotel exterior and interior designs
  27. Taking the Dubai Metro Ride
  28. Taking the water taxi (abra)
  29. Dhow Cruise at Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina
  30. Deep-see fishing on a yacht, while seeing the Dubai skyscrapers on the backdrop
  31. It's TAX FREE here
  32. Gasoline / Petrol are really affordable
  33. Gold Souk for bargains and deals on gold and jewelries                                                                           
  34. There are various volunteer organizations and charities that give us opportunities to lend a hand within and outside the country
  35. Very patriotic and passionate celebration of the National Day
  36. There are sporting events/festivals for air (Al Ain/Dubai/Abu Dhabi Air Show), water (Sharjah Water Festival), and land (F1 Grand Prix, and more)
  37. Bars and Clubs are aplenty
  38. For non-muslims, there are pork products in select supermarkets and hotel restaurants
  39. There are more than 450,000 Filipinos in the country - and our favorite Filipino foods are available in many groceries and restaurants
  40. The social media online and offline communities and events are visibly active (Facebook Events, TwitUp, MeetUp, etc)
I'm happy to be living in this country I call my second home.  I'm sure there are more than 40 reasons. What's yours?

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