Britney Spears Did Well, Not Bad in Abu Dhabi Concert

Photo from Britney Army World Facebook
She's hot! Britney Spears definitely wowed the crowd, and allured the guys.

It was a continuous 1 hour and 10 minutes, opened with Hold It Against Me (Waz Up Abu Dhabi!) and ended with well, Til the World Ends on the encore - a lot of new singles on the set too. She's great, full of energy; A full Femme Fatale production set, and she seems at her element. It's Britney Spears live! She had a lot of costume strips, err, costume changes - which personally I never thought she'd be "allowed" to wear in "Abu Dhabi". She's daring! She pulled off her signature lap and pole dance with a male fan in the Lace and Leather performance - to the delight of the crowd. She never were on her famous two-piece in the entire evening though. (Butt) But there's just much shots of her rear all throughout...

But, was it just my eyes or she's lip synching? Well not the entirety of the show - 'coz I knew she sang the soft and easy Don't Let Me Be the Last To Know live.  It would have been so cool if she had interacted with the crowd more. Yeah she had shout outs but (as I've heard in the crowd) you can count on your fingers the words she said :-) #WhatsUpAbuDhabi #ThankYouForComingHere and the "energetic" #Amazing and #GreatJobGuys when some fans went up the stage to dance.

And oh, she also performed Rihanna's S&M. She did great in it actually. It is one of the most received performance of the night.

Photo from Britney Army World Facebook
Photo from Britney Army World Facebook - by Martin Pfeiffer

Nonetheless, it was a great show. I like it, we do. Seeing the classic Hit Me Baby One More Time performed is epic! She's our childhood 'crush' - and for once in high school we were surrounded by Britney fan girls too. It's simply amazing that we got to experience Britney Spears in Abu Dhabi.

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