Balloon Night Glow & Lantern Release on UAE National Day

Remember the floating lanterns scene from Disney's 'Tangled'? See it live in Dubai.

The Meydan is hosting an extraordinarily fun Balloon Night Glow and Lantern Release on UAE National Day, Friday 2nd December.  Almost all of the hot air balloons will be grouped in the evening. These balloons will be arranged in such a way that they are going to take off in the sky, but instead of ascending, the balloons will be held down.

This will also allow a perfect glimpse of night sky where the giant balloons will glow like a huge light bulbs recalling that  of Chinese lanterns. Hence, this will unleash a predominant preview for the spectators.  The mass floating skylamps release will be the climax of the evening. This will be a symbol of Unity where all will come together and actively participate to release the Skylamps. There will be about 20,000 biodegradable sky lanterns on display.
ENTRANCE IS FREE. Show starts at 5pm until 9pm. The Night Glow is part of the UAE Balloon Championship organised by Dubai Sports Council.

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