Public Inter-city Buses in Dubai will have a WiFi

Finally! Installing WiFi spots on public buses is what I've been long waiting for.  According to an article in Dubai-Bus website, "The authority is also planning to launch a number of value added services like wifi connectivity on some intercity bus routes to attract young and net-savvy commuters."

As far as I know, intercity bus routes means Dubai to Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman or other Emirates only (?).

Public buses in Dubai are mostly patronized by up to middle-class, average-income earning populate in the Emirates. And most often, you will see the a lot of commuters using their Blackberry, iPhones and iPADs while traveling.

It is not clearly mentioned though if the WiFi will be free. In Dubai Metro, you have to subscribe to Du and pay per consumption - that just sucks.

"The most efficient & convenient way to circle the city"
Since Dubai Bus aims to be the most efficient and convenient public transport to circle the city, I hope they also address some concerns. How can it be convenient if they always fill up the bus to more than its fullest? Last year they were strict on not allowing anyone standing on any Dubai-Sharjah-Dubai buses. How can it be comfortable if they allow unhygienic people aboard?  They prohibit food and drinks to preserve the cleanliness in the bus, and to avoid unwanted smelly foods. But you know what, I'd rather have those smelly foods in than other unpleasant odor coming from... sure, you know what I mean.

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