The "Etisalat" Cash Prize Scams

Years ago I start receiving various calls saying I've won cash prizes from 'Etisalat' so he needs to collect my personal details. Just recently, my wife and my sister also gets the same calls. We never buy any 'Etisalat' lottery, never join any raffle, never offered of anything.  Then somebody, using a 10-digit 'Etisalat' standard mobile number calls, saying we've won thousands of cash or whatever for a certain automatic raffle because we are an 'Etisalat' subscriber.

We saved the numbers and reported them to Etisalat actually.

Never should we entertain these kind of calls. From the first sound of it, you'll know it's trash. Just by the simple obvious clues, you should never ever fall prey for these.  If you want, just play around and trap them.

If it's a random mobile number, don't ever believe it. Just think why would a corporate entity like Etisalat not use their shortcode numbers (e.g. 101) or at least a land line to reach you.  They probably have a formal way to contact you.  Another best thing to do is tweet them about this at Believe me, their Twitter manager is very responsive and prompt. Follow them @EtisalatUAE.

If you haven't heard of any promotions, then don't ever give in your information. In the first place, if they ask for your name, why? Legitimate ones should have a record of your profile already, right?

If you're not a Twit, call Etisalat (Dial 101 - but be patient). Report or at least confirm.

In the news, Some Fraudsters Arrested
According to News/blog Newzglobe, hundreds of scammers were already arrested:
"Hundreds of fraudsters have been arrested and fined by Dubai police for cybercrime activities regarding UAE’s telecom, Etisalat. Dubai Police possesses an extremely powerful cybercrime unit which is actually renowned across many areas of the world and were able to catch the fraudsters who were conning customers to transfer their call credits to them, only for them to sell it for a fee." 
That's good news then...
“There are the scammers who call and pretend that they are from Etisalat and there is another group who are selling the balance,”
Selling 'balance' is also a scam? There are lots of them in all bus stations, entrance of malls, everywhere... They're whispering 'balance' 'balance' 'balance' or 'pasa load pare' whenever we pass by.

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