The Rib Room Experience at Emirates Towers

We've just had one fine Thursday evening again, this time at The Rib Room in Jumeirah Emirates Towers.  This newly re-launched steakhouse already boasts of its stylish cozy interiors, before you even savor with what's on the menu.  The serenading live saxophone adds class to the already-posh atmosphere.  We were welcomed and ushered politely into our table by the receptionist. Offered and asked about what we wanted to have for a drink.

The Rib Room is famous for their, well, signature rib dishes.  The appetizers are more of seafood varieties (oyster, mussels, prawns, calamari, lobster) than beef and salads. The mains have classic steaks and ribs. Chateaubriand, Australian Beef Tomahawk, Beef Fillet Wellington, Wagyu Beef and Pork Baby Spareribs are some of their drooling main course.  Rest of the menu you'll find Grilled, Fish and Shellfish, Vegetarian Options, and of course the side dishes and sauces.

Have a look at The Rib Room PDF menu here.

We were served with a complimentary bread. Also, recommended with a Zinfandel Red Wine (I forgot the name), rich in taste and is very smooth. Perfect match for our meaty and seafood orders.

Prawn Cocktail

I had Prawn Cocktail for appetizer. I've seen this one on a cooking demo during Taste of Dubai and finally I've had a taste. It's a 7-8 layers of medium-sized prawns with slices of avocado in it, in a ketchup-mayo-like dressing, topped with some herbs, and a rye bread at bottom of it. It was served semi-chilled.  It's excellent! The combination of the tasty prawns and the medium-sweet avocado is perfect. But I guess I would have preferred it better when it's not chilled when served.

Spicy Fried Calamari with Tartar Sauce
Wife had Spicy Fried Calamari served with lemon and Tartar Sauce. I like that the calamari isn't rubber-like.  The breading is mildly spicy and really tasty when dipped with tartar sauce. We didn't even need to squeeze the lemon in the sauce.

Australian Wagyu Beef Stockyard Rib Eye
Wife had 200 grams Australian Wagyu Beef Stockyard Rib Eye - because this is the only 'fat' she loves. Yes, well done (how cute is that potato strip on that photo huh). It's not the typical thick steak cut and she's happy about it. I tried it, tastes good, but I guess it would taste best with a black peppercorn sauce rather than the Lemon and Tarragon sauce she asked for it.  It comes with a bowl of flavorful Tempura Wasabi Fries too (look below behind the lobster) - it's a must try!

Atlantic Lobster (and the bowl of Tempura Wasabi Fries)

For me is the Atlantic Lobster - the typical grilled one. One thing about big lobsters is sometimes they have less flavor than the smaller ones.  I'm not sure if there's a better dip for it than the Hollandaise - that was what our server recommended.  Maybe because it's too big, I find it a bit slimy in the long eating. Generally, this one's a winner! My side is a Baked Potato with Sour Cream, not bad.

American Cheesecake with Strawberry Ice Cream

Warm Chocolate Liquid Fondant
To end the night, we had American Cheesecake with Strawberry Ice Cream and Warm Chocolate Liquid Fondant. Nothing really extraordinary about the cheesecake and the ice cream, but they were good. I like the chunky berries and the syrup on top. And so with my chocolate fondant, the liquid chocolate inside was not too warm though.  Although the chiffon was not as soft as I was expecting.

We left the restaurant happy, satisfied and thinking of going back again. We left with a complimentary cupcake each.

The Rib Room, located on the Lobby Level, Jumeirah Emirates Towers, is open for lunch from 12.30pm and dinner from 7.00p. Visit their website here.

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