Max's Restaurant Dubai Opens Today

We had a blast at the Max's VIP Tasting Experience last night. It's the first time they let the public try what's on their 'Dubai' menu. The night is exclusive for their Facebook participants and Bloggers. Feel sorry for others who excitedly wanted to come in but have to be told to comeback at the real opening day.

From the entrance into our table, everyone's smiling and courteous. Everyone's introducing themselves - you can befriend anybody. The mood is happily upbeat. The friendly staff takes great 'pleasure to serve' you. They're dancing too.

Max's, as we all know, serves one of the best, if not the best tasting fried chicken (since 1945). Its popular classic crisp and texture makes it all unique from other fried chicken out there. They also serve famous Filipino cuisine like Kare-kare, Bulalo, Chopsuey, Sinigang, Fresh Lumpia and their famous desserts Leche Flan, Buco Pandan, the GIANT Halo-halo and the Caramel Bars as well. I need not go further to say how excited we Filipino expats are.

The menu looks pretty similar to Manila minus the pork dishes. Interestingly, they've got Lamb Adobo and Crispy Lamb Shrank as alternatives. The Lamb Adobo doesn't quite fits my liking - it could be the lamb that makes it acerbic I guess, which we're not really used to. I'm sure those who eat lamb could appreciate it as the flavor remains Adobo. Not really bad, I'm just not used to it.

The Lamb Adobo - it comes with an appetizing Kangkong Ensalada on the side
Curiously, they don't have Chicken Adobo.

The batter-free fried chicken lives up to its reputation - crispy, tender and juicy - and still served with sweet potato chips known as Kamote Fries. Balsamic. We've learned that the chickens are imported from Saudi. Price is unarguably reasonable. At AED24 for half and AED44 for a whole - way better than a AED20 3-piece Fastfood fried chicken somewhere else eh.

Still... Sarap to da bones!
 Crabmeat Fried Rice looks really posh. One serving is good for 2-3 persons.  Like it! Not oily.

Chopsuey is fine. Lots of chicken in it, and lots of cabbage too...
The Camaron Rebusado is surprisingly savory. Are shrimps a lot tastier here? Maybe a little less salt would make it perfect. And, we never actually mind even if it was served when we're already having dessert

Camaron Rebusado - breaded prawns
We had Sago't Gulaman and Corn Shake for bevs.

Sugar and the caramel syrup is just right on the Leche Flan. Firm as cake, soft as jelly. Rich and creamy in egg and milk flavor. Mouthwatering from the time we ordered.
Leche Flan
Buco Pandan is a luscious coconut strips and pandan jelly dessert. Serving includes a scoop of Macapuno Ice Cream topped with rice crispies.
Buco Pandan
But why don't you have Ube Creme Decadence (or Dessert Sampler) Max's? I hope in time it will be available here.

We're almost about to leave when the brand manager approached us for some interesting foodie chit-chats. The Bakery Corner and Coffee Shop has yet to open, yet he asked us to try their signature Caramel Bars. So fresh from the fridge and unpacked, we tried. And yeah, tastes really similar to the original. I wish they'll also have Ube Cakes and Lenggua De Gato.

The Caramel Bars (still on Beta mode) :-)
They say the store can accomodate about 170 guests, including the al fresco. They've got a private section, a bakery corner and cafe in the house. Ambiance is not really what you're expecting in a posh fine dining, but generally it's clean, orderly, and amply spaced.

We were invited by the managers to check the kitchen as well. Wow! Everything in is brand new. Clean and organized. 99% of the staff are Filipinos. They brought in some managers from Manila, and they also sent some to Manila to train for at least 3 months prior to opening here in Dubai.

at may uwi pa si totoy...
We will definitely be back to "the house that fried chicken built". Next to try: Chicken Sisig, Crispy Lamb Shrank, Sinigang and the Giant Halo-halo.

Click here to view what else are on the menu... and other photos too. 

Max's is located at Bur Dubai - Karama juncture, within the Spinneys building near Burjuman.. 

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