Mobile: 7 Important Reasons Why You'd Love Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Galaxy Tab's 7-inch little frame transforms the way you communicate, socialize and organize. Just imagine having your laptop, mobile phone, entertainment room and an entire office in one slim pack. It definitely is more of a usable gadget than just a pure-fancy one.

Here are my 7 important reasons why you'd choose Samsung Galaxy Tab over the rest:

Complementing it's 7-inch built is its 380g light weight . It's easy to grip in one hand (even in a Landscape screen orientation), and just fits my back pocket. Unlike iPad, you can do your online activities literally wherever you maybe, hence a mobile tablet.

Galaxy Tab enables me to keep multiple apps running at the same time. I can easily switch into another, and return to a previous activity exactly how I left it. Task Manager enables me to monitor all running apps and their RAM consumptions, and I can end any active app from there. 

This is one of the biggest advantage of Galaxy Tab from iPad. Thanks to Android 2.2 Froyo. You just won't find any website that doesn't open for an unavailable Flash support or missing DivX plugins. FLV videos load smoothly and quickly.

It has a 3.15 mega pixels primary camera with LED flash. And another 1.3 MP camera in front used for video calling or video chat. The camera boasts its autofocus feature - useful especially when in the Panorama settings. Photos taken are reasonably clear and crisp for a mobile camera. Videos doesn't look that bad with its 30fps capture capability.

Galaxy Tab is every social media freak's best friend. It is actually my dashboard for all my social media accounts. Sharing anything is just a one tap job. Every file on the Tab - photo, video, article, docs - always has a Share option. Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Wordpress, Youtube, Foursquare, LinkedIn... and the list goes on.

Yes. I can open and edit MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDFs on the Tab. I love how I view my slides in it. Unlike iPad (again), the Tab can be your tool to carry our meetings or any other presentations.

Of course, I don't need to carry a separate mobile phone. Its sim card slot is for the regular sim, so no need to change into a microsim. I won't hold and put it onto my ear when talking though. Thanks to the earphone that comes with it, or you can use a bluetooth set. You can multitask while using the phone.

And there's 2 more...

I love that the Galaxy Tab doesn't have the annoying auto-correct feature. For text inputs, it has a virtual QWERTY keyboard (which has a more convenient symbol switching) and SWYPE™ -  I can do my emails or SMS easily either by using my thumbs or by using the SWYPE input technology. See my video on how to use SWYPE.

There's also a Voice Input feature for web browsing. Just clear up your throat, speak legibly on the mic and you'll get what you're searching for.

I can store any files in it via its proprietary USB or via Bluetooth. It comes along with its own program to browse files (Kies), but there's an option to skip that and use it just like any other external disk.

And there's really more. In random...
  • 3G, of course
  • Micro SD Slot - can use til 32GB more.
  • Android Market - There's just over 150,000 Android apps in there and 80,000 plus are free
  • eReader Capability - Kindle
  • Google Map Navigation - literally driving, walking and local transit directions are available
  • The Notification Area Bar - it collects all notifications from your Social Apps, App Market, GPS and even your mobile phone alerts (missed calls, SMS received, Bluetooth)
  • Unlimited Contacts from Facebook and Twitter - On the first time I activate the Facebook app, it download my friends contact details into my phonebook.
  • Long battery life (compared to a laptop). It stays up to 7 hours of continuous heavy gaming and intense movie playing. When idle it stays up to 28 hours. And it doesn't heat up.
  • Entertainment Overload - Live Wallpapers, HD Playback for movies, Stereo speakers, Karaoke, and more...
  • Adjustable Brightness - which can save battery life
  • Inter-device Sharing made easy through the AllShare app

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