Google celebrates UAE National Day with a tribute logo

Happy 39th UAE National Day!

The country is in its festive mood once again. The National Day is one of the most, if not the most, joyfully celebrated holiday in the UAE. Today marks its 39th. It's the time to express love, appreciation and respect to the nation that cares not only about its citizens, but about everyone who lives here. The holiday is usually celebrated with street parades of cars and floats patriotically pimped with the UAE national colors of red, green, white and black.  There are also traditional and modern concerts scheduled across the nation. There are also a lot of activities scheduled by museums, parks, malls and communities. Schedule.

In commemoration and tribute to the fastest developing nation in the world today, Google created and is using this logo for today:
Here are some photos depicting how people in the country celebrate the holiday:
Photo by The Schwartz Family Blog
Photo by Global Arab Network
Photo by Time Out Abu Dhabi
Gulf News has listed the itineraries for the weekend. Click here to view the jampacked schedule.

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