Where to Buy Pork in Dubai, UAE?

Pork Shop in Spinneys

Yes! Pork products are available for non-Muslims, in the entire UAE but Sharjah. The Emirates has been always respectful to other cultures and religions that select supermarkets are allowed to have dedicated "Pork Sections: For Non-Muslims". You can also find a number of pork-serving restaurants within hotels. But neither fastfood nor restaurant, outside hotels, has pork on their menus.

Here are some popular Supermarkets across the UAE (except Sharjah) that sell pork products:
  • Spinneys
  • Al Maya
  • Westzone
  • De Belchoir
  • Philippine Supermarket
  • Choitram
Carrefour - one of the most popular, if not the most popular supermarket in the country doesn't sell pork.

A friendly reminder: Be responsible not to do your barbeque in parks where many Muslims are gathered. Show respect that you don't let them smell what you're grilling.

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