West rocks East! Kan ye believe?

Photo courtesy of Ahlan Live
 It's a wild wild West as Kanye kicked off the after-race concert with the highest intensity.
  • World-class concert arena, check;
  • Spectacular lights and sounds, check; 
  • Overflowing beer, check;
  • Superb performance, check.
There's no better way to set the mood for the series of weekend concerts than Kanye's heart-stomping, adrenaline-pumping treat. The throngs in the crowd went totally crazy as he performed hits one after the other. American Boy, Love Locked Down, and Heartless among others.

We left our Nikon at the CAMERA DEPOSIT so we settle for mobile pics
This is how far we are from the stage
 I must admit I was not a total fan, knowing only about 6 of his songs, but man, the guy is genius. He was able to transform the arena into an open-air fuming nightclub - without removing his sunglasses all throughout ;-)

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