Halloween Party at the Desert

It was a post-Halloween party actually, as we weren't able to celebrate on Halloween eve itself because the nation was mourning the RAK Sheikh's unfortunate passing.  But still, the spirit of Halloween is all over the camp. The camp site is crowded. It was transformed into a village of tents. Everybody's in their party faces.  Thanks to Filipino Off-Road Auto Club (FORAC) for again spearheading Gabi ng Lagim.  I'm happy to see a number of friends outside the Filipino community participating and really engaging in this activity. There's also about tens of Filipino groups in the camp.

Activities in the night include belly dancing show and camel riding (which we're not actually aware that it's happening). Free henna tattoo is also available - amazing how the lady can quickly draw whatever you like her to. There's also a free dinner (uhm, midnight snack actually)  for all (and not buffet as advertised). We have to content ourselves with a 'kiddie meal'. The highlight of the night is the Halloween costume parade and competition. Lots participated.  There are witty, funny and wildly creative concepts. There are some lousy ideas too.

Afterwards, the camp was transformed into an open disco bar in the middle of the desert.  Wine and beer were all over tables. The party was uptempo. Some stayed up til dawn - who could sleep in the middle of a party hey?

In the morning, everyone has to pile up a really slooow-moving queue to get a pack of 6-cold-pandesal filled with strawberry jam and a cup of coffee - that's the free breakfast. There's no hot-water dispenser, just a single "takure" (airpot?) that could only fill 5 - 6 cups. When it ran out, you have to wait it to boil again.

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