Exploring Fujairah at the minimum during Eid Al Adha

Fujairah Open Beach at a glance
The family went to Fujairah for the first time, Wednesday 17th of November, to spend the Eid holiday (it's the last 'official' day) on the beach. Man, we spent more hours on the road than on the beach. It was totally packed come lunch time.

I had a little commotion actually with 'an official in civilian' (I bet not a police) on the beach. While we were on waters, he kept knocking on our tent - and he didn't stopped til about 5 minutes so we decided to approach him. He asked us to remove the tent as it is prohibited in the beach PARK. I argued with him about that 'lousy' PARK policy, but my wife interfere to pacify before things heat up. We've got all our things inside - and - it's in an open park so I believe that having a tent is a must so we can peacefully leave our cameras, cellphones and wallet, and go swimming. Without any valid reasons. we submitted to what that official wanted. Whew.

You know what, we drove to another area in Fujairah, Al Aqqa and actually found lots of tents. Anyway, here are some pictures I've taken.

The other side
And the port nearby
On the way to Al Aqah Beach
The other campers
Others just settled on the rocks
Into the deep. It was a rocky shore before reaching this part. We literally have to swim right from there til about 15m to enjoy the water.
And since it's an open beach... everybody's welcome.

Loads of photos on my Facebook page.

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