Racial attack of a frustrated Dubai radio contest loser

I stumbled on Louise's profile on Facebook and shocked to read the above wall post from someone. How bitter could one get for only not winning in a game of 'chances?' This lowly racial slur is totally out of context and unacceptable. Now that's ridiculous for you. I feel for Louise.

Virgin Radio and Nahel.com had a radio-cum-facebook competition, "Show the Love" that ran in the last 3-4 weeks. To qualify to win an iPhone 4 or a Dell Vostro Laptop, one has to register on Virgin Radio's website and change their Facebook or Twitter's profile picture into a 'Show The Love Photo' (downloadable from their website).

Radio hosts call the winner's name on-air and give them some 40 minutes to call the station to win the prize.

I also listen to Virgin and I could attest that there were far more other nationalities winning than Filipinos. Mr. Bitter could have just only spotted on a Filipino in times he tune in the radio. Check Virgin Radio Dubai's Facebook page and you'll see some random names of the winners.

Louise Da Costa is doing the show Mak and Da Costa with Ali Mak, a non-Filipino, weeknights from 8pm to 12midnight.

Mr. Bitter... move on dude!

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