Sharjah taxi driver returns our lost bag

It's nearly 5 minutes after we go down from the cab, when I learned that I left my wife's bag in there. We immidiately called the Sharjah Taxi Ofice to report the incident but we don't know the taxi details. Instead, we stated the area where we took the taxi and the place we stopped at, and how much the bill was. Those info were enough for them to trace the driver. The call agent told me then to wait for their call within 24 hours.

There's no money in there really. But my wife's labor card, Emirates ID, health insurance cards, and other cards... and mobile phone were in there.

So we just kept ringing the phone so the driver or his next passengers would hear. 2 hours passed, it just kept ringing. I decided to stop so to preserve the battery and ring it again at later time.

About half an hour after, My wife's number was calling me. It was the taxi driver and he's kidding, and asked me why I stupidly left the bag. He's so generous to suggest that he'd take it to our place instead of us meeting him somewhere. So after almost an hour, we met him and handed over the bag to us with a little fatherly lecture added - to not repeat the stupidity at all. He was jolly.

It was not the Transport Office, but his sense of responsibility and all honesty that prompted him to call us and eventually returned the bag with a smile. His name is Salahud. If you need taxi, call him at 0508990989

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