Mission Impossible 4 to Shoot in Dubai?

Rumors have been flying around that Mission Impossible 4 starring Tom Cruise, could be filmed in the futuristic emirate of Dubai. Emirates 24/7 website reported that some excutives of Paramount Pictures are indeed in Dubai to meet with authorities (from Dubai Studio City) to discuss filming parts of the highly touted movie. In fact, some Paramount staff are already scouting for ideal locations to shoot.

So far, only 2 notable Hollywood movies were successful in filming in Dubai. These are “Syriana” and “The Kingdom”. Last year, the ban on 'Sex and the City' shooting in Dubai has created a ripple of debate. The literal word "Sex" in the title was the rumored cause of the ban. 

Other films that initially planned to shoot in Dubai but were unsuccessful, “Body of Lies” and “The A-Team.”

We'll keep an eye on this rumor if it will ever become a fact.

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