Briton Held for "Wearing Bikini" in Dubai Mall?

Photo courtesy of The Age Australia
Another case of indecency was slapped to a British tourist in Dubai after allegedly walking through the Dubai Mall in a "bikini".

According to the report of the Daily Mail UK:
"The woman was buying clothes and gifts in the Dubai Mall, fully dressed but in a low-cut top, when she was accosted by an Arabic woman and criticised for wearing 'revealing clothing'.The pair then became embroiled in a heated row in front of hundreds of bemused shoppers. Incensed by the Arabic woman's comments, the British woman told her to 'mind her own business' before stripping out of her clothes and 'taunting' the locals by walking around in only her bikini, it is alleged. The mall's security team then intervened and called the police, who arrested the British holidaymaker.The woman, whose identity is unknown, was still being questioned by officers in Bur Dubai police station last night."
The local woman, criticised the Brit wearing a very low top and "most of her legs are revealed," that's when the Brit stripped off - and things started to get messy.

There are graphical signs around any malls in the UAE urging women to 'wear respectful clothing.'

Regardless of one's culture and tradition, we should be polite enough to follow a country's rules and regulations. Let's educate ourselves about the DOs and DON'Ts in the country we're visiting. Ignorance is always not an excuse. If you do not want to submit to respect the culture, you should had not travelled in the first place.

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