Brit Stripping in Bikini at Dubai Mall: The Other Side of Story

From The Sun website:

Tessa Meager, 28, was wearing a kaftan and white shorts while shopping with 10 year old, daughter Helen at Dubai Mall when a local woman stopped her, pointed to her clothes, began screaming "Respect!" and called security staff.

The distraught mum - on holiday - was then arrested by police in front of the bewildered girl. And she was subjected to a three-day ordeal during which she learned the woman claimed she had stripped naked in the plush Dubai Mall.
Mature law student Tessa was charged with "outraging public decency" following a police interrogation she did not understand.

She was finally brought before a prosecutor on Wednesday for another hour-long grilling conducted entirely in Arabic.

But the charge was dropped when CCTV pictures from the mall exposed the Arab woman's claims as a pack of lies.

Tessa, of Morden, South London, said: "This woman took exception to me and I have no idea why.

"She started shouting at me. She was pointing at my clothes screaming, 'Respect!'

"I tried to explain I had just been swimming. I showed her the top of the bikini I had on under my kaftan but this seemed to annoy her even more.

"She said I was disrespecting her faith.

"I don't know why I was targeted. About 95 per cent of the people in the mall were wearing less than me.

"I'm amazed she was believed by the police.

"She told them I took everything off and was standing in the mall with no clothes on."

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