Blog Awards for Filipino Bloggers in the UAE and in Other Parts of the World

The Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards or PEBA is a yearly project that aims to recognize and honor the exemplary work of Filipino bloggers overseas. PEBA wishes to present these Filipinos' blog work to more people and bring their creative talents to light. This award-giving body highlights inspiring blogs so that others may learn from them. We are running on our third season now.

What makes PEBA different: NJ Abad said "PEBA will not just be an organization that will give annual awards for exemplary blogs but it will proactively act on issues that will make difference in people's lives, especially the young children, and the OFW's and their families." We are a non-profit organization. So all the money that will be given by the sponsors are being spent cautiously in the awarding expenses, scholarships for outstanding yet poor students, and to KABLOGS, the social arm of PEBA in helping distress OFW's around the globe.

Kenji Solis, founder of PEBA says:
First, we present the exemplary OFW bloggers to showcase their talents. We are collectively gathering the best posts from winners, as we are planning to compile it in a book, have it distributed in every Philippine embassies in the world and every libraries in the Philippines. We want people to read our stories, the real life abroad, and our insights and expectations from families and the government. Second, we are helping young children achieve their dreams through education through sponsors. We at PEBA believes that education unlocks the door of opportunity, so to alleviate poverty, we want to help a good and deserving student get a good education. And lastly, PEBA will proactovely engage in issues that concerns OFWs and their families.
source: The Global Blogging Revolution that is PEBA

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