15 reasons why you need Filipino friends in Dubai

One of the largest expat communities in Dubai are Filipinos. There is no place in the emirate where you cannot find them. In fact, the population of Pinoys in the UAE has already reached around 700,000 with about 450,000 living in Dubai alone - that's 21.3% of the total population of the emirate.

If you've been around Dubai for quite some time now, you probably know at least one Filipino.

Many feels good to have Filipino friends because of their consistently happy aura. But, do you know how Pinoys can really influence you if you hangout a lil longer with them? Here are a few:

1. You'll never go hungry
Pinoys eat about 5-6 times a day. Breakfast, snacks, lunch, snacks, dinner, and midnight snack. They love buffet. Their office cupboards are full of, well... snacks.  Their idea of parties is pigging out, and you'll always have something to take home from their parties.

2. You'll absorb the happiness
It is contagious. They always smile, even in trouble. They are the world's walking smileys. They sympathize when calamity strikes but they can always find ways to smile.

3. You'll be health conscious (partially)
Because Filipinos are figure-conscious but they really don't watch out what they eat. This consciousness won't stop them from having unlimited rice and boodle fights.

4. You'll rethink about your native pride
Their pride of being Pinoy can influence your pride of being you - sort of. From car stickers to Philippine flags in the office desks, to the hashtags #ProudToBePinoy, you'll know how proud they are of their race (and achievements).

5. You'll have your 15-seconds of fame
They'll never fail to greet you on air, if given a chance.

6. You'll appreciate Friday brunch at the park
They love picnics over hotel brunches - that's their idea of having fun with less cost.

7. You'll be introduced to their kins and relatives
They are proud to have friends from other nations. For them it's a "one of a kind" feat.

8. You'll learn to be practical
They are frugal and practical in many ways, but they splurge during seasons of sale. Haaay...

9. You'll always be on parties
They are festive and they celebrate everything. They'll bring you even to their kids parties and you'll find yourself playing some silly parlor games.

10. You're a VIP in their crowd
You will stand out because they want you to feel special while accomodating you like one of them too.

11. You'll learn all the bargains
They don't settle for the price tag. You'll also discover where to buy the cheapest chocolates, apparels and branded perfumes.

12. You'll soon add Tagalog in your vocabulary
You will sure speak the basic Tagalong words in no time. You will be called "Kuya" (brother) or "Ate" (sister) pretty soon.

13. You'll have the longest Christmas in your life
You will hear them listening to Christmas songs, seeing their Christmas trees out as early as September. Filipinos celebrate (somehow) Christmas from September to January.

14. You'll be diabetic
Filipinos are among the most charming people in the planet. They sound sweet in any conversation - yes, even in times of trouble.

15. You'll take photo ops to the next level
They love picture-taking with or without ocassions. And theydon't settle for one shot - a wacky shot is a must. Every dine-out is a photo op.


That's Filipino for you. Even homesickness can't stop the natural joy in their hearts to show up.
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  1. i love the no.1 reason..super true..i can attest to that


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