Justin Bieber Coming to Dubai this December (Rumor)

 I've just heard over Virgin Radio from Brent Black that Justin Bieber is doing a private gig here in Dubai. Yes. It's happening on December 28, 2010. No further details were disclosed.

Normally, private shows are mostly held for business groups. What has Justin got to do with it? Or maybe it's a highschool ball eh?

So Dubai, brace yourselves for a furious revolt from the hundreds of teenage fans who had been long petitioning Justin Bieber to come and perform in Dubai. We'll sure to hear something from Justin Bieber to Dubai Facebook group and the 35 who signed the Twitition: Get Justin Bieber to Dubai.

The video above was prepared by some random fans hoping that JB notice it one day. They are convincing JB to come to Dubai because, "Dubai is amazing..." and...

  • It has the best malls in the world;
  • the tallest building in the world
  • a man-made island
  • fourth tallest hotel in the world
  • plus, a lot of celebs have been here..

And a closing statement, "Justin... we know you love beaches... we also have the best beaches in the world... so please come to Dubai, UAE. Dubai is certainly waiting for you. Make my dream, and others' come true."

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