World-renowned show Arabian Bubble Celebration comes to Dubai

After glamorous stops in New York, Las Vegas, Broadway, Singapore and Tokyo, this 18-time Guinness award-winning spectacular stage show is coming to Dubai.

Arabian Bubble Celebration, a never before seen bubble extravaganza will have us all floating away for the first time in the Middle East.

This family event will be held at Dubai World Trade Centre with 12 shows from May 19th to 21st.

The show will feature Guinness record holders MELODY YANG and DENI YANG, the Broadway specialists popular for mind blowing visual spectacles. One could certainly look forward to performances featuring laser and 3D effects in a 70 minute show guaranteed to leave every member of the audience in awe.

Kids can touch the bubbles, hop on stage and even go inside a bubble.

Tickets are priced from AED75 to AED999 and are available online at



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Important Terms & Conditions:
  • You must PUBLICLY SHARE this post on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram. (Private profiles won't be counted)
  • Contest is open to all UAE and other GCC country residents and visitors, provided that the winner takes care of airfare and accommodation
  • Prize is not refundable for cash
  • Competition ends 18th May 2016, 8:59 PM
  • One winner of 2 VIP tickets will be randomly drawn on 18th May 10PM, and will be announced in Boy Dubai Facebook page
This competition is made possible in collaboration with YAARDSTICK Integrated Marketing Solutions.

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For more info, please visit Arabian Bubble Celebration official website at Of follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

    Of Blogging & Blogs, Filipino Bloggers in Dubai Growing in Numbers

    We are not journalists.

    We don't work for someone. We don't get visas for blogging.

    We are not are guided by policies but by ethics. We may take sides but we try to remain impartial.

    We are fueled by passion.

    We have no diplomas, but we write with integrity. 

    We tell stories from genuine experiences. We verify our words before the world see.

    We are not journos, but we are relevant.

    We own what we write.

    Happy world bloggers day!


    ...and so it is with great pleasure to introduce more Filipino expat bloggers in Dubai - because I often get asked, "Marami bang Filipino bloggers dito sa Dubai? / Are there many Filipino bloggers in Dubai" Yes, and we are growing.

    Here's a RANDOM list of those I've already met offline and online. Please do check them out - they're really good in their particular subject areas.

    Expat Living, Food and Lifestyle

    1. Sandier Pastures
    2. Dubai OFW
    3. My Yellow Bells
    4. AB and Me
    5. Lady and Her Sweet Escapes
    6. Cuddles and Crumbs
    7. Filipina Expat
    8. Glimpses of Pam
    9. Tin Cura - Design and Adventures
    10. Sounds Funny and the Not So Funny
    11. Sweet Nothings
    12. The Isaacs Journal 
    13. Blessed Days in Dubai
    14. Boy Dubai - because some of you will copy-paste this list :-)
    15. Dadedidubai

    Travel, Food and Lifestyle
    1. Janesarabia - Desert Life
    2. Find Me A Break
    3. Solo Flight Ed
    4. A World of Travel and Possibilities
    5. Beyond Toxicity
    6. iKen
    7. The Thrift Trip
    8. Boho Wanders
    9. The Quesobelle
    10. The Sassy Journalist

    Fashion and Beauty
    1. Technemoda
    2. The Fierce Walker
    3. The Style Choreo
    4. Tinayums
    5. Ramblings of Life, Makeup and Everything in Between
    6. Mahryska
    7. The Shades and Scarf

    For people who still mistake us for journalists, we are not. There are differences, but we are cousins.

    It takes honorable time and effort to become a journalist. Their profession is backed by profound training and experience. They are capable of building a strong reputation not only for themselves but also for the organization they work with.

    We respect journos.

    A blog can be created overnight, but it takes integrity more than time and effort to become an AUTHORITY blogger.

    Blogging can be a stepping stone into journalism. 

    The question about who the readers trust more, journalists or bloggers, is inevitable. Both content creators can be trusted, or not. Because readers are more skeptical these days, whether you're a journalist or a blogger, trust is earned by the quality and relevance of content you post.

    Happy bloggers day!

    Thanks to Kenneth Surat for some of the photos

    3 things you need to know about Philippine elections in Dubai

    UPDATE (May 4):
    Voting schedule at the Philippine Consulate Dubai is extended:
    May 5, 6, 7, 8 - 8am til 12MIDNIGHT
    May 9 - 5am til 1pm


    UAE has the second largest number of overseas Filipino voters, next to Saudi Arabia.  There are 122,185 registered voters in Dubai and 72,437 in Abu Dhabi. Credit that to the mandatory OAV registration as part of the OEC application and passport renewals in the past recent months.

    A 100% turnout would make a huge and significant impact to the number of votes for president, vice president, and senators.

    What you need to know and do:

    1. Voting period is April 9 to May 9
    Schedule is as follows (UPDATED as of May 4):

    Dubai, Philippine Consulate
    - April 9 to May 4: 8am to 9pm
    - May 4 to May 8: 8am to 12mn (including Thursday's holiday)

    Abu Dhabi, Philippine Embassy
    - April 9: 8am to 4pm
    - April 10 to May 8: 9am to 5pm

    On May 9 voting will coincide with the Philippine election day schedule, so all precincts will open 5am and close at 1pm.

    2. You only need Voter's ID, or if you don't have one,  your Emirates ID or passport copy
    - Give your ID to the officials and wait for your turn to vote.
    - Officials will verify your name on the voters list. You will be asked to sign beside your name.
    - An SBEI-signed ballot will be given to you and the inspector will brief you how to fill it up the right way.
    - Completely shade the circle next to the candidate's name using the provided marker.

    Do not overvote. Your vote will NOT BE COUNTED at all. Be careful not to write any unnecessary marks on the ballot to avoid machine readability issues.

    * If you want to get your voters ID, check your name on the list here. Print the copy or take a screenshot - you must give the batch number where your name is listed and the sequence number. It shouldn't take more than 5 minutes if you have these info with you.

    3. Check your VVPAT receipt
    Insert your ballot into the vote-counting machine. You will get a printed receipt called Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) with a list of your votes. Check all info and if there are discrepancies on your ballot and the receipt, inform the inspectors right away. If all is correct, drop the receipt to the designated box.

    That's it. NO INDELIBLE INK on your finger. It's useless because the voting period is one month anyway.

    It shouldn't take more than 10 minutes.

    Don't bring a pen. Taking photos inside the booth is highly prohibited.

    There is a huge banner outside the consulate if you want to take selfies - that could be the last step. :-)

    Think of them when you vote, the kids and Jose Rizal

    Free shuttle service is available if transport from and to the Consulate Office is a problem on May 6.  Just call 0559508489 to verify if your name is in the COMELEC list.


    God bless the Philippines!

    Mega Theme Parks opening in Dubai this year

    Better not forget to add these 2 mega theme parks into your savings. They are set to open few months from now.

    IMG World of Adventure
    Dubai’s first international mega-themed leisure and entertainment destination
    Location: Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road (near Global Village)
    Opening Date: 15th August 2016
    Key Attractions:
    - 20 rides and attractions
    - Marvel comic heroes
    - Cartoon Network characters
    - Lost Valley Dinosaur Adventures
    - Avengers Flight of the Quinjets
    - Avengers Battle of Ultrons
    - Hulk Epsilon Base 3D
    - Spiderman Doc Ock's Revenge
    - Thor Thunder Spin

    Tickets: AED300 adults; 250 children under 1.2 meters (on sale now)

    Dubai Parks and Resorts
    Location: Sheikh Zayed Road (From Dubai: after Jebel Ali Free Zone Area, opposite Palm Jebel Ali)
    Opening Date: October 2016 (exact date TBC)
    Key Attractions:
    - Legoland Dubai
    - Legoland Waterpark
    - Motiongate
    - Bollywood Parks
    - Riverland Dubai
    - Dreamworks
    - Smurfs Village
    - Sony Pictures Studios
    - Lionsgate
    - Hotel Transylvania
    - Shreks Merry Fairytale Journey
    - Kung Fu Panda Academy
    - Hunger Games Experiences

    Tickets: Annual Pass for all parks costs AED2495 per person | Regular tickets to be announced soon | Other annual pass available here.
    Size: 25 million sq ft


    These two parks are massive! From the looks of it, one day is definitely not enough to explore everything. Annual passes could be a good deal if you have a budget.

    Duterte - his flaws make him unique

    If you are voting Mar, Grace or Miriam, this is NOT for you (no one votes Binay right?). I respect your valid reasons for choosing your president. But if you are trying to convince me not to vote Duterte, then read on…

    They say, you are only as good as your last game - I don’t buy it.

    Yes indeed, that was one insensitive and tasteless bad joke. Many were offended, but "just because people are offended doesn’t mean they’re right” (Ricky Gervais), right?

    But wait, aren’t we living in a country where even comedians get flak for "bad jokes”? Are we not in a country where insulting jokes are our everyday lunch?

    Critics ask, "Yan ba ang values na gusto nating ituro sa kabataan?”

    If my memory serves me right, values should be taught by the parents, not the president. Mas bad influence pa nga ang ilang teleserye gabi-gabi e.

    "No flaw is sinful or shameful.” - Rick Warren. This kind of flaws make him unique compraed to the traditional politicians failures.

    Pretty sure we will just shrug it off soon and move on from this. We’ve all moved on from real big jokes anyway - the Kidapawan farmers letdown, incompetent Yolanda relief and rotting donations, Lumad killings, Maguindanao massacre and SAF44 horror, Laglag-bala shame at NAIA, TRAFFIC, Napoles and so on…

    Now tell me where the mayor's verbal meltdown fall under.

    Like most of you, I also pray for Mr. Duterte to look into this facet of his character. He don't need a charisma built around machismo if he has to become a president.

    I will always take a bad joke than a bad governance. Tama na! Putang-puta na ang 'Pinas dahil sa mga elitistang ungas!

    (Excuse my French)

    I'm at peace voting for #Duterte. The man understands his priorities. The mayor knows by heart and has proven that actions speak louder than words.

    Good governance will never be a joke.

    (With all due respect to victims of rape and their love ones, you are in my thoughts and prayers.)

    Photo by Jover-Design Deviantart (Google search) acquired by a European startup for million dollar deal

    Recognized as one of the top blogs in the region, Boy Dubai was recently acquired by the emerging start-up company Sloof Lirpa LLC for a million dollar deal. This is a first in the world that a blog domain was bought for a huge lump sum.

    Beginning 2nd quarter of 2016, expect dramatic changes to this blog and the way you use it.

    It was not an easy decision to sell this domain as I have also quite interesting plans to reinvent the blogging wheel.  It's really hard to let go of my brainchild. But the drooling offer from Sloof Lirpa was just too good to refuse.

    One key factor that the buyers looked at when they bought the domain is the power of the prefix 'Boy-' especially to the ever growing Filipino community here - which makes the whole thing mean... the master of Dubai - Boy Dubai.

    To the readers and followers of my blog in the past 5 years, thank you very much! Please continue to support the new Boy Dubai way forward.

    As for myself, I would probably take the road ahead 'unknown.'

    Mabuhay ang Pinoy!

    I'm sure by now you know it's April fools!

    20 reasons why OFWs love being TAGged

    TAG 91.1 celebrates its 3rd anniversary today.

    The first Filipino radio station in the UAE began their journey with only 4 RJs on board - Kabayan Bluebird, Louie Da Costa, Chikay and Maria Maldita. Bob Kebab joined the gang several months later and Chico Loco just few months back.
    Since then, our FM radio experience has changed dramatically (and comically).  We were not just reconnected to Philippine music, we also found a company on our drive, our bus and metro ride and even at home or at work.

    Here are 20 random reasons why being TAGged is worth celebrating:

    1. Bluebird and Louie's Gandang U-maga show keeps everyone upbeat in the morning drive to work. The tandem also gives back to the community through their Bluie's Blowout and recently the Bluie's Choice awards. And oh, Louise Da Costa speaks cute Tagalog and we're loving it.

    2. Bob Kebab gives us a wacky company til the wee hours of the night - Ingat lang sa gatong!

    3. Chikay solves those puzzling blind items, shares some lunch recipes and updates us about the latest gadgets. Attagirl!

    4. Chico Loco joins Maria Maldita in Uwian Na making it a more fun drive home; And it's riot when "Lola K" joins the fray to tell us those witty 'alamat' stories.

    5.  Filipino concerts and sporting event pre-shows have never been so lively with the cool RJs setting up the mood.

    The RJs foing the preshow at Eraseheads first Reunion Concert in Dubai
     6. TAG presenters could be the only group in history to host 2 Eraserheads reunion concerts, and that's in a span of just 8 months.

    Eraserheads second reunion concert in Dubai
    7.  We can relate to all the funny Pinoy Nga Talaga skits - "Sige na, kabayan naman eh..."

    8. DJ for a Day Saturdays gives wanna-be radio presenters a chance to co-host Pinoy Songhits with the ever amusing Maria Maldita.

    9. They are always present at many fund raising campaigns to aid calamity victims in the Philippines

    TAG and Ateneo LSE team at Hakbang Buhay Fund Raising Walkathon
    10. The news that matters to OFWs delivered very well by the spirited roster of news presenters Milanie Regalado, Rachel Salinel and Zeena Zalamea, and Rouie's Kwentong BizShow.

    11. Louie and Bluebird along with news presenters Zeena and Rachel were named to 100 Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf. Louie also wins Female Personality of the Year at Ahlan Awards; and other RJs are consistent nominees.

    12. "Okay Lang" public advisories remind us to be more proactive.

    13. Hot Pandesong gives us the latest hits in the Philippine music.

    14. Pinoy Bulletin keeps us informed of more group events happening in the community across the UAE.

    15. Bati Time - we all love 'Batian portions' don't we?

    16. Maria Maldita reborn as The Blending Diva. Just tune in before 9pm everyday in case you don't know why.

    17.  Chikay played a basketball exhibition with Kobe Bryant & Soulja Boy among other celebrities in sports and entertainment.

    Chikay sharing light moments with The Black Mamba
    Chikay, Soulja Boy and Kobe Bryant
    18. Bandang Hapon and Kantambayan shows (on Saturdays) become open mic segments as Louie, Chikay and Bob feature UAE-based Filipino talents and bands live on air.

    20. They bring the Christmas spirit closer to the Filipinos during the Yuletide.

    Indeed, TAG has quickly become the center of Philippine entertainment in the UAE.

    Happy 3 years!

    Why OFWs are voting Duterte for President

    Let's say, as an OFW, you want to hire someone to look after your families back home. You have these 5 applicants:

    Mar Roxas - always posts photos to show you that he is doing his job well for your family but actually not. Hindi sanay sa hirap pero pabida, nahuhuli mo sa mga salita nya. Your kids don't like his favorite color.

    Jojo Binay - claims credit that he's providing well for your family but you feel shortchanged because your kids are growing malnourished. Yun pala, binabawasan nya yung remittances mo to buy himself cakes.

    Grace Poe - Mabait pero malamya. She promises the moon and the stars, but you cannot trust her because she might bring "ibang lahi" at home.

    Miriam Santiago - has the most brilliant ideas about looking after your family. She is quite aggressive though, and she talks more than you do. But lately you are doubtful she might not be able to perform her job 100% because of health concerns. Laging may excuse letter.

    Rody Duterte - referred to you by many because he has done a tremendous job in raising up his family. He works hard and protects your kids. He fights everyone who dares to trespass your family. Yun nga lang, baka matuto ding magmura yung mga anak mo.

    Who will you hire?

    One of many cars in Dubai that shows support for Mayor Rody Duterte for President
    OFWs are always excited to go home.

    But whenever we do, we are paranoid about what could happen to us on the streets, in public transport, even at the malls, everywhere.  We do not use our gadgets as openly as we do here. We are suspicious of whoever sits beside us at the bus, jeep, and we hug our bags so tight.

    Ironically, we feel unsafe and oppressed in our homeland today.

    We've been working overseas for too long and we see less positive changes and more negatives from the time we reached the airport. We can't help compare the Philippines to the country we're working in.

    It is an ultimate dream for OFWs to retire in the Philippines. For that to happen, we need a leader that can bring back peace and order to the land, and peace of mind to its people.  

    With what's happening and shown in the media today, many are already looking at other options, unfortunately. 

    When we retire, we need a place where we can play happily with our grandchildren, without the fears of being robbed or kidnapped - a country where people trust the police.

    Can you imagine how progressive our economy would be if peace and order is properly in place? That is a good perspective for OFWs who invests in Philippine stocks, mutual funds, UITFs and Real Estate and other businesses to look into.

    We need a president that could reduce the number of OFWs in a positive fashion. We need a president who believes in keeping the families together as the only option - slowly putting a stop to working abroad for higher salaries in exchange of being away from the family.

    OFWs from Visayas and Mindanao or other places than Manila would be happier about his vision of federalism. The power of national government would be distributed to all the regions so development in infrastructure, transport, education, job creation and other urban developments can happen. Metro Manila will soon be decongested.

    We need a leader who can change the content of Philippine news media. We cannot keep worrying about our family and friends back home.

    "I will return the streets, the public places to you. I will die for you." - Mayor Duterte

    Can we thrive in Mayor Duterte's strict governance?
    It's about time to put law and order into effect. The mayor said this many times, "If you are a law-abiding citizen, if you are a God-fearing Filipino... you have absolutely nothing to worry about."

    We need someone like him who leads by example - an action man with a humble heart but a fighter. Little known to many, aside from his strict aura, the mayor also exemplifies various humanitarian efforts  and very responsive aid in times of calamities - much more responsive than the national GU in fact. He got what it takes to inspire people to move and take actions as well.

    Can he solve all the problems?
    Definitely not. He cannot do it alone. But his persona speaks so loud that he can delegate the tasks to the right people. His character is something that people can look up to so they could start the change upon themselves.

    His opponents say he can only do those things in Davao and doing the same development for the whole country is just a dream. Them, who in their local government terms cannot even surpass 10% of what Davao City has become.

    His track records don't just speak about how good a leader he is. The records also shout his desire to implement the same (or even better) development to the whole country.

    If one person did great in small things, how can we not entrust bigger ones to him?

    People's Double Standards
    Many church people say he is immoral and un-Christian. Character-wise, how different is he with the other candidates? When talking about running the country, do you really feel that his so-called 'immorals' deter progress? Is it worse than theft, corruption, inactions, insensitivity to people's needs, red tape, and so on?

    Well, Mayor Duterte is not a priest, a bishop or a pastor. We can love and hate him. But we cannot contest how he has transformed his city into one of the best in the world in terms of people's safety. We cannot just question his obvious effectiveness.

    If we want our Christian values and faith to be preserved and/or to improve, let's run to our church leaders for that matter and demand for more effective connection to people. The church and the state should be separate, remember?

    Anyway. let's put this values debate in another venue.

    Give him long term
    Duterte is the people's choice. It was not his intention to become a president yet he responded to the nation's call. Unlike the other candidates, his pursuit of the seat did not begin on a personal interest. So as we choose him, let us also understand that the changes we are looking for takes a long shot to happen.

    To my fellow OFWs, let's not demand attention. Let us make President Duterte prioritize our home country. Let's allow him to put the system North to South, so in time, you can peacefully have the option to go home for good.

    Even REBELS and other teams from Mahatta Pinoy Basketball League is for Duterte
    It's very rare to have someone with a humble persona and a fighting heart running for presidency. We've never been this hopeful. So this is our chance.  If we don't want more Filipinos to take the plight of OFWs, then let's vote for someone that we believe can make the country a good place to live and work again.

    Now if you don't agree, Walang Personalan... I wonder why you've reached the end though.


    Note: This article is not about his definite plans and platforms - you can find thousands of articles about it elsewhere anyway.

    Amazingly captured #DubaiRains photos in social media

    It's a bittersweet moment whenever it rains in Dubai. We are excited to see the droplets in the windshields, the sound of raindrops and the wind gushing musically in our window panes. But we're worried about the chaos it would make on the roads - horrendous traffic jams and flood (or water ponds as they call it here).

    Here are some beautifully captured photos shared in social media that rather say there's still beauty in every storm - well at least when you're in Dubai. Owners of these photos certainly know how to dance in the rain.

    A photo posted by OD Project (@odproject) on

    Stormy morning 😍 #mydubai #Dubai

    A photo posted by @xhhaze on

    A photo posted by krupa (@krupakashinath) on

    A photo posted by Insy Shah (@insyshah) on

    16 habits OFWs need to change in 2016

    All nationalities have certain habits attributed to them. It has become a norm to define the character of a person by his nationality. Not right at all, but this seems to be inevitable in a melting pot country like UAE.

    Forget inferiority complex, maniana, ningas kugon, and crab mentality for now. Let's look at 16 specific habits, attitudes and behaviour that we Filipinos need to change to cope up in this heterogeneous workplace and community.

    1. Ok Lang
    Apathetic. Oftentimes, we say OK LANG to 'play safe' and avoid hurting others. We thought we care, but actually it shows the lack of it - lackadaisical.

    At work,  it's a sign of lazyness to challenge the status quo and strive to deliver better results. It also reflects our inability to make decisions. Bahala na si Batman!

    Try to proactively say more than 'ok lang.' The people you talk to would surely love to hear more than a halfhearted response. Don't be passive.

    2. I'd Still Say Yes
    One of many reason why we cannot easily say 'No' even if we already have too much on our plate is to avoid creating negative impressions.

    We cannot please everybody. There's no harm in saying no, or in turning down 'favors.'  Sometimes, because of 'hiya' (shyness), we just keep accepting whatever comes to us.  In the end we become inefficient and we suffer. Sometimes, saying 'no' is wiser.

    3. With a Smile
    Some Filipino employees when scolded by the boss still leave the room smiling. Do not justify that we are among the happiest people on earth. Smiling after the boss' meltdown sends wrong signals. It could be perceived as insensitivity or unresponsiveness.

    Some people admire the trait. There are also those who feel that the gesture is quite insulting.

    Let's keep our emotions checked at all times. Be sensitive in a good way.

    4. Lifestyle Upgrade
    We have a tendency to upgrade everything when we receive pay hikes or when we move to higher-paying jobs. We change cars, buy more shoes, upgrade mobile phones, coffee and dine out more, etc.

    What's funny is we are still complaining how tough life is.

    The best things to upgrade if we receive bigger salaries are actually our savings and investments.

    5. English Only Please
    We 'downgrade' our English to reach out to other nationalities who are not well-versed in it so they could understand us. There's really nothing wrong about the humility. Some of us though have the tendency to absorb the 'carabao English' in the way we speak day by day.

    "Like this, like this," "Same same," "Different different," please stop.

    Learn from the Americans and British. They don't break the language yet they are always understood. At least in this aspect, be the influence, not the influenced.

    6. Ikaw na ang Busy
    It's a blessing to be busy. But not finding time to learn new things because they're always busy is already becoming a lame excuse. If there's a will, there's a way.

    Set aside a time for personal growth. Weigh the invites, opportunities knock only once. Being an OFW should not hinder these learning and growth opportunities.
    7. DSF - Dubai Splurging Forever
    We always look forward to the 'sale seasons.' Seems like some of us are irate about money that we want them gone in no time.

    Please save first before you spend.

    8. Accepting Defeat
    We don't equip ourselves with the right knowledge about (working in) the country we are at, or about the rights of OFWs, that we tend to fold up when arguments happen. If we're not aware of our rights, how can we fight back when we're oppressed?

    We easily back down and settle to accept defeat.

    Gain that confident attitude and winning mentality by keeping ourselves informed about our environment and all that govern the things that we do.

    9. Tourism Enemy No. 1
    We talk unpleasant things about our country like trying to win the 'worst' crown for the Philippines. When Indians talk about how bad traffic in Mumbai is, we respond by 'boasting' Manila's traffic is the same or worse.

    Sometimes, we brag about the wrong things. We unconsciously discourage them to discover our country because of the things we complain about. I do not say to candy-coat. Just do not exaggerate our displeasure that it affects others badly.

    OFWs are the best 'natural' ambassadors of the Philippines, supposedly.

    10. "Pa-Star" Filipino Time
    Need I say more? I've seen worse here in Dubai. People are becoming disrespectful of others time. Birthday parties, meetings, out of town trips - if you don't care about your time, respect others.

    People have grown disrespectful that they come late for hours and hardly notify the concerned parties properly. Setting the meetup time earlier is not a solution.  It's encouraging the 'pa-stars' to carry on with their habits.

    And please, don't say you're "on the way" if you're just about to take a shower.

    This is one of the reasons why I left some groups in Dubai. It's not cool when we're non-productive.

    11. Celebrations to the Moon and Back
    We love to celebrate everything - new job, pay hike, pay day, new car, moved to a new flat - everything is a milestone. We easily give-in to 'treats' - libre naman dyan! We prioritize their happiness (and impression) over our true financial capacity.

    Look at the weekend drinking habits. It's not about the drinks or the tradition actually. It's about the money spent because we are celebrating Thursday too much. 

    12. Balikbayan Box Mentality
    Many items in Carrefour or in Lulu are already available in the Philippines these days. I understand the sentimental value in sending material things to our loved ones, especially if they are gifts for special occasions. But doing it regularly is tedious.

    Instead of spending time shopping for olive oil, detergents, toothpaste, etc; and enormously packing the boxes, just send the money. You also save yourself of worrying if your package will reach its destination in good condition.

    13. Double Standard on Racism
    When other nationalities talk bad about our country or us, we take offense, raise our voice and do petitions. We feel insulted when Filipinos are given the bad light even in fictional TV shows. We condemn bloggers and celebrities who express their dissatisfaction in our food, our culture, our country.

    But we do mock them of their attitude, habits, hygiene, etc. like we are the only 'perfect' creation on earth.  Wake up, even those fictions don't lie.

    Let's move on from hypocrisy please.

    14. 'Plus One' Surprises
    Bringing a friend to a party isn't bad if you politely ask the host about it ahead of time. Surprise the party host with your presents, not with your uninvited guests.  Consider that the reservation is for limited number of attendees only, and the venue might be conducive only to that size of the expected crowd.

    15. Kabayan Favor
    Many of us sees having a kabayan in any situation an advantage. Why not? Finding compatriots is one of the happiest things to happen, especially to those living without their families here in Dubai.

    In the pro world, SOME Filipino business owners try to bargain freelance services of Pinoy photographers, event planners, web designers, and others because "kabayan naman tayo eh." Being a kabayan is not a discount card. Always consider their invested study and the time and effort they have to give to provide your required services.

    Let's not bring down the profile of our compatriot because they are "kabayan naman."  Instead, uplift and respect and feel the pride on what they do being a kabayan.

    16. Bitterness
    Bitterness is the new language of the envious. Just look within the Filipino community, there are some who feel unhappy for others happiness. They who can't focus on the positives. Instead of celebrating the achievement, they look at what could be wrong.

    You can't taste the sweetness of cake with a bitter tongue.


    Guilty? We all could relate in at least one point above. Start the change. We have a lot of better attitude than the negative ones. Overcome these habits before they become totally tagged to your personality.

    I sure did miss a lot. Please feel free to share them in the comments below.

    Photo source